This was also written and posted a while back elsewhere…however i have decided to repost it as its meaning has become renewed. It was a generalization last time and just something I wrote. I never knew that it would come to fruition.

It reminds me of a part in practical magic. Sandra Bullock’s character creates a spell as a child to create her perfect guy. Years later as this spell is read it is revealed in the movie that the man actually exists.
There is something about his eyes. Perhaps it is the way they sparkle when he smiles or the way they can make you melt inside. His gaze may be that one thing that I cannot resist. The color is so vibrant but yet so smooth and dark. They are more than just a smooth green they are the color of the ocean at night when the moon is shining. The luminous rays of the moon bring light on the dark calm water and make it light again. The colors blend into each other and you can see the ocean clearer than it was during the day. The muddiness from the sand is gone and the disrupted waves from the people have disappeared. The quiet rumble of the waves and the clear blue-green water makes you want to release all your inhibitions and jump in. His eyes are what got me from the beginning. His luminous calm that he cannot control exudes from him and drew me in. I have jumped blindly into the dark calm water. I am not scared and I am not frightened. My walls of inhibition have gone and I am standing here in this ocean of opportunity with no life raft. Some may feel they are paddling to stay afloat but for me the depth of the darkness has gone shallow and I can stand confident and very much in love. Perhaps it was fate that I met those eyes that day and then again maybe it wasn’t. Sometimes the world spins in the right direction at the exact right time and those things are supposed to be will be. Is this rotation of the earth fate? If it is then I thank fate. I thank fate for the day that I met those eyes.

Author: TeresaD2

Teresa is a life long Fangirl. Her fandom has grown over the past few years and she has found her outlet through geek blogging and podcasting. She is the creator of Fangirl Next Door and contributes to a number of Geek websites. She is most looking forward to the new Star Wars movies!

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