Harry Potter Trailer EPICNESS

All I can say is no matter if you are a Harry Potter fan or not you need to watch the epicness that is this trailer. I am so excited right now I can’t even make any noise. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be taking the theater by storm July 15th, 2011

This is the first official Part 2 Trailer

Author: TeresaD2

Teresa is a life long Fangirl. Her fandom has grown over the past few years and she has found her outlet through geek blogging and podcasting. She is the creator of Fangirl Next Door and contributes to a number of Geek websites. She is most looking forward to the new Star Wars movies!

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  1. Yes, too awesome for words indeed! I had not seen this– thanks!! I have the countdown widget on my blog but I admit I’ll be very sad when this last Harry Potter movie comes out– sad and happy at once. 🙂

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