Behind our Star Wars movie choices

Every Star Wars fan has a favorite star wars movie and most of them have an order for what movies they think define and personify the series. There are always personal reasons for why they have them ordered the way they do and the thing about these orders is that almost no one agrees on any one person’s order. I was having this conversation with my boyfriend who is not as big of fan as I am and not to put down his fandom he just has not been engulfed in it the way I have (I am working on that though *wink*). I was surprised to hear his order and to find out that his first two movies in his order are the same as mine. As this conversation continued we discussed the reasons why these movies were our favorites and then we went through our orders. So for those that want the orders we chose here are our orders for the 6 films I will follow it with the reasons for my order so you can see it through my eyes.
Teresa (that’s me):
Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
A New Hope
Revenge of the Sith
Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi
Phantom Menace
Revenge of the Sith
A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back
Attack of the Clones
As you can see the first two films for both of us are probably the two least popular films of the series as a whole. Or perhaps the least popular films in each trilogy. While this I can respect in other people’s opinions I think it is great that we have the same favorite films at least initially. So here we go as I delve into the world of my reasons for loving Star Wars and why I like them in this order. For this week I will do my top 3 films and why I like them return next week for the last 3.
ROTJ was the first movie I really truly remember seeing although the one film that rivals this memory is the Little Mermaid. When I was young the ewoks made quite an impression. I think this was because I could relate to them more than I could relate to any other character in the film. I loved this film more and more each time I watched it because there were other things that caught my eye. The ending for instance even though it has gone through a change since the special editions were released. The speeder bike chase also grabbed my attention when I was younger. As I got older Admiral Ackbar became one of my favorite characters and the battle over endor became one of my most favorite scenes of the film. I now respect this movie because to me it does a solid job of bringing all 6 movies together and it does a good job of setting up the EU to expand the world of Star Wars after the close of the films.
Below are the original and new endings to the film followed by a good solid clip of the battle over endor. Enjoy some return of the jedi fun-ness.
In two words I can give you the reasons that I love this movie and those words are…… Darth Maul. There are more reasons than just that. I happen to really love the music from this particular film and I also fell in love with the planet of Naboo. This was also the first new Star Wars film that I got to midnight show and see in the theater and the experience was like no other. I also love Qui Gon Jinn as a character and it was so heartbreaking to see his demise. The podracing scene is also another one of my favorite scenes. When you grew up in the time of the prequels and these were the movies you got to camp out for they hold a very dear place in your heart. Check out below to watch the pieced together darth maul, qui gon, obi wan battle and some pod racing.
Now I know that most people really don’t like this movie and it is probably the least liked of all the films. I happen to love this movie and I think it is because of the developing state of the republic and the empire. I am a fan of these films primarily because of the battle of geonosis I really love Padme in this section of the film she portrays the perfect strong female in my eyes. I love the development of her character because I do like her much more than I like Leia. Part of this is because I think I have enjoyed watching her develop through the prequels and now in the clone wars cartoon. It is also this film that I get to see Aayla Secura make her first film appearance and all I can say is thank you George for recognizing her awesomeness in the comics and bringing her to life. The entire movie is not the best of the saga but it does have a lot of aspects that I really love! Watch the battle of geonosis below.
I really hope that even though many of you will not agree with my movie order that you may be able to see why I like them and why they are important to me. Hopefully you have an order that you like the films in and if so tell me what that is I would love to hear it.

About The Author

Teresa is a life long Fangirl. Her fandom has grown over the past few years and she has found her outlet through geek blogging and podcasting. She is the creator of Fangirl Next Door and contributes to a number of Geek websites. She is most looking forward to the new Star Wars movies!


  1. Mickster says:

    Thanks for sharing your list, I’m always curious to see what other people think. Just for kicks, mine looks like:
    Empire Strikes Back
    A New Hope
    Revenge of the Sith
    Return of the Jedi
    The Phantom Menace
    Attack of the Clones

    Just my opinion, and that’s what it’s worth. I’m not one of those people that hated the prequel trilogy at all, I love them. But I grew up right in the prime time of the first two and I think that will always play a role. And it’s not like I give Empire an A+ and Clones a C- or something like that. It’s more like Empire is an A+ and Clones is just an A. That’s it.

    Each film has it’s own charm and special moments. I completely agree with you mentioning the music of the Phantom Menace. Duel of the Fates is such an awesome piece of music.

    Even though my list varies from yours quite a bit, that means absolutely nothing. Come this weekend I will be watching each and every one of them with equal excitement when they come out on Blu-Ray!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Budd says:

    mine looks a lot like Mikster’s except you switch the attack of the clones and phantom menace. the awesomeness that was Darth Maul is all but cancelled out by a starring Jar Jar. Attack of the clowns had a cg yoda bouncing around, The Fetts, and a really cool shadow.

    I thought the acting was pretty sub par in the prequels. While the original trilogy had pretty bad acting too, the prequels were really bad. Han and Leia had chemistry. Padme and Anakin not really so much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now, you touch on a few things here that I’m not quite sure are definitive in your own findings. First, you ask for which films define and personify the series, then secondly you state that those are your favorites. I believe that is two different lists. Well, in my eyes they are, because the films that I believe define the series are not the same order as my favorites. To postulate:

    Favorite Films (in order from most to least):
    Return of the Jedi
    Phantom Menace
    A New Hope
    Attack of the Clones
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Revenge of the Sith

    Then my list of films that I feel define the series:
    A New Hope
    Return of the Jedi
    Phantom Menace
    Revenge of the Sith
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Attack of the Clones

    (I have to split this in to multiple posts, I apologize)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now, reasons! A New Hope. This story has a beginning, a middle and an end. The visuals in this movie are simply stunning. Not the photography, per se, but the subliminal visualization. The movie starts off with a battle scene (who doesn’t LOVE that??) where an itty bitty little ship is trying to escape the clutches of a monster. This begins our feelings of plight. We sympathize with them. We hear ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Empire’ which gets our minds thinking of fighting ‘The Man.’ We can all associate trying to fight something larger than ourselves. The story then goes on an unexpected route. We get some back story and a destined crossing of paths that lead on an ultimate adventure. An adventure to be more than you are and all that you could ever wish to be: A Hero. Through some daring scrapes and new landscapes we come to an end of the little guys winning against the big guys. A happy ending. If the story HAD to end? This is where it would end.

    ROTJ: Lets face it, the epic battle scene culminating in the victory for the under dogs. Who doesn’t love seeing the little guy win? Especially when they have such an awesome cast. The visuals are stunning, the story engaging and the audience has no problem finding something/someone to relate to. This is where everything gets revealed; guy gets the girl, the little guys win, family reunited, friends live to fight another day, something new is discovered, the past is uncovered, plots tie in. It’s a lot to take in. An Epic Arc coming to a concluding point to a fantastic story. Need I say more?

    Moving on… The Phantom Menace starts us off learning the state of the universe. They paint the picture of a pristine world with a growing shadow across it. It’s full of political dissent, intrigue and social battling that we see in our world today. Enter in the masterminds behind it all: The Sith. Darth Maul has to be the perfect cast for such a character. The lightsaber battles leave nothing to be desired here. The movie takes awhile and Jar Jar is annoying but walking away from that movie, Jar Jar is not what sticks in my head. I haven’t watched the movie for awhile now, and it’s been on purpose. I like having movies sit in my mind for awhile and as time goes on, our minds pick out what stands out the most and picks what to remember. These parts are usually our favorites and help us define what we thought of the movie. For an absolute fan, first off, I liked the movie. No question there. What comes in to question are the scenes or lines of dialogue that I remember most. The end battle is what I recall the most. The choreography is simply mind blowing and the multiple battle fronts harks back to ROTJ in the multifaceted story line where one part affects another.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Revenge of the Sith: Why I believe this is higher than Attack of the Clones and Empire is this and the stories above all have something in common that the other two do not. These four movies are conclusions or ends to the story. A New Hope can be it’s own story. Attack of the Clones and Empire are continuations and expansions on that universe. It gives us more context and reasons to care about the characters. They advance the story without concluding the story. Other plot points are introduced and little ties in to the rest of the series are introduced there. ROTS is a conclusion of the pristine era and ushers in a grim ‘dark ages.’ The tones of the movies steadily change up to this movie. In Phantom, things are light, people are happy, colors are bright. ROTS, the colors are dark, there are shadows everywhere, the planets are dirtier, things seem ‘run down’ and ‘older’ than we saw them in the first movie. The streets and skies aren’t as friendly. The Jedi are discredited and a state of fear is instilled. Here, the Rebellion is born. Acting aside, it concludes the end of a Golden Era. The transition is rough between this and ANH but speaking strictly in what defines the series, this is a conclusion.

    AOTC and Empire, I just touched on before. Visually stunning continuations of the beginnings and endings around them. Empire, I would say, has a ton more intrigue than Clones. That’s why I put it above Clones. We get love story in Empire that is a lot more memorable than the one in Clones. I think of Geonosis with Clones. I think of ships and battles so large they come from space to the ground. In Empire, you still feel like the little guys are giving the big guys a bloody nose before eventually leaving. It’s that relation of Rebellion that Clones simply does not have. Empire has revelations and back story to Luke’s family. Han and gang are still ‘fugitives on the run’ or Bonny and Clyde with trying to get away from the Empire.

    Anyway, there are my initial thoughts. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  6. Teresa says:

    This is great discussion! ok so Mickster no surprise you love ESB that is most people’s favorite and it makes sense I think. I like how you point out that it’s not an A+ or a C that is a great point. I am glad you agree about the music in Phantom.

    I hope you get the blu-rays! enjoy!


    BTW they are stunning

  7. Teresa says:

    I can see your points on all of this but I can’t say that the acting was worse in the prequels simply because the dialogue was really pretty horrible in all of them.

    I think that certain characters did better jobs than others but really they all did a better job than I would have been able to do.

    I think that han and leia do have a chemistry that padme and anakin don’t have but I think the turmoil between padme and anakin explains everything including padme’s death and the separation of the twins.

    thanks for your thoughts :)


  8. Teresa says:

    I don’t have enough time to write you everything that I want to say to continue this conversation with you. All I can say right now is thank you so much for your thoughts and I definitely want to respond to you. I actually agree with a lot of what you said and I am so glad to have a fan like you sharing on my blog :)

    have a great day and I will write more later


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