MousekeEars! The new way to wear your Mickey Hat

These miniature Mickey Mouse ear hats were announced at the end of August by Disney. I just found them recently as I was scrolling through the Disney Parks blog. The best part about these little ears is this gives me a reason to actually want to wear a Mickey ear hat. 
Find out why I don’t wear Mickey Ear Hats and why these little hats are so awesome after the jump

I am one of those people that does not like to wear the hats even though I think they look really cute on other people. I would rather wear the ear headbands.
My main reason for this is I do not like the little elastic string that cuts into your neck or behind your ears. So for this reason I will try on the ear hats just for pictures but I don’t ever buy them. I personally am a huge fan of the R2D2 ear hat sold at Hollywood Studios.
My friend Kyle and I at Star Wars Weekends wearing 
R2D2 Hats
So what are MousekeEars? They are miniature ear hats that come in a cute little box and there are 3 ways to sport your MousekeEar. One of the things I like about this is the price point is fantastic. They are about the same as a vinylmation which means picking up a few does not break the bank. They are also a great line to collect because this way you can get all the cool ear hats. The first hats that are being released are focused on the Fab Five. What Disney found was that the character based ear hats have been a big hit and they wanted to give Ear Hat fans more options.
So how do you wear your MousekeEar? They are giving you 3 options. The box comes with the following:
*Removable Chin Strap- So you can wear it like a normal ear hat
*Hair Clip- this way girls can just clip it in their hair also I think this clip will work well to place on pin lanyards or backpacks
*Key Chain- the key chain option allows the hats to be useful once you leave the park and you can place them on your pin lanyard
The MousekeEars will start to be released sometime in October at the parks and online through the Disney Parks Store. Below are pictures of the first 2 series that will be released.

I am very excited for these guys and can’t wait to get my hands on them.
May the Force Be With You,

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