The Casual Vacany-A new look for JK Rowling

JK Rowling’s new adult novel was released on book store shelves today. The book is selling here in the United States for $21 if you buy it through Barnes and Noble online. The list price is $35 and the Nook Book is $17.99. It is selling over on Amazon for $20.99 and the Kindle version is the same as the Nook version. Not much is known about the storyline of this book because it was locked under the strictest non-disclosure agreements. Reviews have started coming out today from the few journalists that had the privilege to read it.
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I do not want to give away any spoilers but I do want to give a synopsis of what the story is actually about as I have been very curious myself. 
The story is about what happens when there is a vacancy on the parish council of a small village and what happens to the small community in order to fill this vacancy. The dark side of the community rises  and we can see the true human side of the characters. Some of the themes from Harry Potter are evident in this novel but it definitely has gotten mixed reviews.
The beauty of Harry Potter was her ability to build an immersive world for the reader and unforgettable characters that we all could relate to. It is yet to be seen if this novel will do the same thing for it’s readers. I am definitely going to read it because I want to support her but after reading a few reviews I am pretty nervous.
While in recent interviews Rowling has revealed that she would return to the Harry Potter universe if she could come up with a great idea from the universe to write about. The one thing she does not want to do is pick out odds and ends and glue them together. She said in an interview that it would make a mockery of what the books were to her. I do not expect her to write anymore Harry Potter related novels but I think it would be amazing if she would create a new fantasy world for us.
Once I read the novel I will post a review until then we can just wonder if the Casual Vacancy will be a hit with readers.
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