Tolkien Week: NEW Hobbit Trailer

The Hobbit is a wonderful tale and probably one of the best stories I read as a child. I am very excited that this week on the 21st we get to celebrate it’s 75th birthday. Lucky for Tolkien fans we have another trilogy to look forward to. I would like to take a moment to thank Peter Jackson for diving into this story and taking the time to make 3 films instead of 1 or 2. The storytelling that the Hobbit deserves will most definitely get screen time.

In honor of this week Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for part 1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This trailer was stunning and it actually gave me chills. If you liked Lord of the Rings then I can assure you that you will like the Hobbit and returning to middle earth.

I hope you enjoy watching the new trailer and are as excited as I am about this coming holiday movie season.

Author: TeresaD2

Teresa is a life long Fangirl. Her fandom has grown over the past few years and she has found her outlet through geek blogging and podcasting. She is the creator of Fangirl Next Door and contributes to a number of Geek websites. She is most looking forward to the new Star Wars movies!

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