Star Wars Reads Day- FND Episode #6

In this newest episode of our podcast I am joined by one of my co-writers from the Star Wars Report, Aaron Goins. He and I came together to discuss the first ever Star Wars Reads Day. In this episode we talk in depth about the event that I attended in Austin, TX and we share with you 4 interviews from some amazing Star Wars authors. At this event there were 6 authors and 4 of them sat on a panel for the  fans. It was the following authors that I was lucky enough to get interviews with.
Aaron Allston- X-Wing Mercy Kill and many more
Drew Karpyshyn- Darth Bane Trilogy, Star Wars the Old Republic Game and Revan
Alexander Freed- Dark Horse Comics and Star Wars the Old Republic Game
Ian Ryan- Star Wars the Old Republic Game and Encyclopedia
In addition we also discuss the Essential Reader’s Companion by Pablo Hidalgo and a few other novels that have come out recently.
I would personally like to thank Aaron for not only coming on the show but doing the sound editing for the show as we did have some technological issues.
I hope you enjoy this episode and as always you can listen to it here or download it from iTunes. Please make sure to rate the podcast and leave a review on itunes it will help our visibility.

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