Star Wars VS Star Trek

This is probably the biggest debate in the Sci Fi community. There are always going to be the die hard Star Wars fans and the die hard Star Trek fans. I think the best ones are the ones that can like both. While I am not as well versed in Star Trek as I would like to be I still have an appreciation for the series. Abbey Reynolds from reached out to me as she did with many other fansites to share Hark’s new Star Wars vs Star Trek infographic. This infographic puts the two series against each other in a game of numbers. I think the graphic is really very cool and a neat way to show both series in all their glory. However, before I could share it with the world I needed to dig a little deeper into the staff at Hark and Abbey herself.

Since this site is all about fandom I wanted to find out why they decided to make the infographic in the first place?

We made the infographic because we are a fan of all things sci-fi, as are many of our users. These two films created sub-cultures that changed entire genres of cinematography, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Celebrating these two films seemed necessary – as well as pinning them against each other and getting the film’s lovers involved.

I highly agree with Abbey on this the two film series have created something that is un-matched by other films. The way that movies are filmed and the technology that is used today has to give a lot of credit to these two film franchises. I also think that it is always fun to pit the two against each other for fun and games of course!
I wanted to know which film franchise has the most fans at Hark?
We are a bunch of Trek-enthusiasts here at Hark, so while the infographic claims that Star Wars is the winner – we object!

I can accept that over at Hark they love the Trek, only because they still support all of us Star Wars fans and they accept all things fandom.
My last question for Abbey was what else is she a fangirl of and in two simple words she said Chris Pine!

I applaud Abbey and all the hard workers at Hark because they really help represent the world of fandom. So thank you guys for putting this together and despite the fact that you love Trek I will welcome you into my Star Wars family with open arms!
Please go check them out here and now for the Infographic!
All I have to say is GO STAR WARS of course you are the winner! May the force be with you all!

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