Does the Kyber Crystal Choose the Jedi?

In a debate during an episode of Disney Vault Talk: Rebel Yell we were discussing the crystals within the lightsaber. It started out as a discussion about the white lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano. If she is not a Jedi anymore how did she construct new lightsabers and how did she get the crystals? We then started discussing colors and how there have been different colors in video games that symbolized different levels of Jedi, it got me wondering several things.

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If you pay attention to more than just Star Wars you see a mythological, magical and deep world of fantasy in many other franchises. The one I feel like parallels Star Wars the most is Harry Potter. In fact I am convinced that JK Rowling drew on Star Wars as an influence when she was writing the Potter novels. In Harry Potter we see a journey with Harry the same way that we see a journey with Luke Skywalker. While this journey is not the same there are ups and downs and some run ins with the dark side. The idea for the “wand chooses the wizard” is what inspired me to wonder if the lightsaber Kyber crystal chooses the jedi?

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What we know about lightsaber crystals so far is that the Jedi have to go and try to find their crystal to build their lightsaber and that is really all we know. Pablo Hidalgo said on twitter that the crystal is colorless until it forms a bond with the Jedi that finds it. Once that bond is formed the crystal becomes a color that will allow the blade of the lightsaber to illuminate that chosen color. The main current canon colors outside of the video games are red, green, blue and of course the mysterious white color of Ahsoka’s lightsabers. The only two odd colors we see are the yellow lightsabers of the Jedi guards in the Clone Wars/Rebels and the purple lightsaber of Mace Windu and a Jedi mentioned in Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne. There is one other form of lightsaber color we see in the black/white Darksaber most recently seen on Star Wars Rebels. This particular saber is interesting because it takes the form of a blade like a sword rather than the traditional lightsaber.

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The crystals are hidden in the temples and caves on Ilum, on the planet of Lothal as well as a few other places. The question arises that if they are hidden how does a Jedi go about finding one? Do they have to be in a specific phase of their training? Are they able to go find another if their lightsaber is lost or destroyed like Luke’s in Empire Strikes Back? When they go on the search for their crystal do they just choose any one or does the crystal make itself appear to the Jedi that it is destined for? Of course we can say that the force ultimately guides the Jedi but does the crystal have an awareness in the force?

This article has taken me some time to write and I am glad that it did because the release of the novel Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston has given a little more insight into this topic. We finally learn via the novel that Ahsoka was called to save certain bits and bobs from parts of droids and machines she repaired for money while she was on the run. It turns out those parts called to her so that they would one day become the hilts of her two new lightsabers. She also recalls in the novel how when she found her original green crystals that they had a song that she could hear in her heart and in her mind that led her to them. She actually had two trips to Ilum to get her crystals which I found amazing and it was not just because she decided she wanted two lightsabers, she was called to have two.

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So let’s talk about wands for a moment and what we know about wandlore. The only wandlore I am referencing is that from Harry Potter. I realize there are other texts out there that speak of wands but Harry Potter is for me a world much like Star Wars. These two properties are the only ones that have ever captured my soul completely. JK Rowling has written extensively about wands on We can look at the way that wizards get their wands vs the way a Jedi finds their crystal.

What happens with wizards is very different. When wizards reach the age of 11 they go to actually buy their wand. The wand is not necessary to do magic just like the lightsaber is not necessary to wield the force. The wand maker will try different wands with the young wizard and when they find one that matches there is a certain connection that can be felt and seen. This is much like the crystal forming a bond with its new owner and reflecting a color that matches that Jedi.

I think the most important thing about both of these magical objects is that there is a sentience to them. In a way they are alive, and this life that they have is what makes them so mysterious. After all of this research I think that the Kyber crystal does call to its Jedi. It has a certain song that it sings that allows the Jedi to find it when the Jedi has reached a certain level of understanding with the force. When I really stop to think about it the way these items intrigue us is evidence of our need to believe in something that is grander than we are. Whether it be the force or magic one thing is very clear. Many of the fandoms that we enjoy tie together in amazing ways. There seems to be a base for these stories that captivates our hearts and our minds. The Jedi, Wizards, Hobbits, Dragons, and Demi Gods all have something that is very similar. They represent strength, power, faith and so much more. So perhaps the question is not so much does the Kyber crystal choose the Jedi? Perhaps the question is does the lore choose us? Only your own heart can tell you that.

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