Be proud of your love for Lego!

As we age, our peers, parents and everyone else loves to tell us what we have grown out of – comics are for kids, cartoons are for kids, and yes, even Lego. However, some of us still love these things and completely disagree that just because we’ve grown up, we aren’t allowed to enjoy them anymore.

I say be proud of your love for Lego, reading comic books, or anything you enjoy that someone else thinks you’re ‘too old’ to like. Building Lego sets has always been a hobby I’ve enjoyed, and a hobby I’ve shared with family and friends since my youth. Now as an adult, that love has flourished again since I’ve seen each new Star Wars film and subsequently, Lego sets to match them sold in stores.

You can also tell doubters that building Lego sets as a hobby can:

1. Be relaxing,
2. Teach problem-solving,
3. Provide a family or date-night activity,
4. Teach better ability to follow instructions,
5. Improve mood through finding a rare set,
6. Build perseverance, and
7. Encourage creativity!

If you’re a Star Wars fan especially, there are a LOT of new Lego sets hitting shelves now and planned for the future, so there’s much to be excited about. Here are a few of the finds my husband Michael and I have been working on:

AT-AT Microfighter

The Ghost Microfighter

The Phantom

Millenium Falcon (2016, The Force Awakens version)

and the piece de resistance…(sorry, I had to)

Captain Rex’s AT-TE

Every Star Wars fan that’s also a collector has one or usually many Lego sets that are on their list to get ‘someday’, either due to rarity or the expense to add it to their collection. The mini figures or ‘mini figs’ included in each set may also be a deciding factor for buyers.

At the top of my ‘someday’ list, my white whale so to speak, is the Death Star II set. This is due to BOTH rarity to the extreme, and the expense. This set launched in 2005 and due to being discontinued in production, is only available on sites like eBay, and prices range from $625 (damaged original box or no box, possibly missing pieces or instructions) to $3,000 (mint in box, no damage or missing items). Yikes.

So if anyone wants to know what I want for my birthday or Christmas for the rest of my life, this is it. I love the unfinished look of the piece (as the ship in the film was still being built of course), the sheer size when the build is complete (25 inches high and 19 inches wide), and the hunt of trying to add this to my ‘collection’. Beautiful and elusive!

What are your favorite Lego sets, whether Star Wars, Disney, or another genre? Just remember, enjoy sharing and showing off fandoms you love, whether that be Lego or another, have fun!

Author: Christy Morris

Christy was introduced to all things Star Wars, Star Trek, sci-fi and fantasy by her father at a young age. Her love of Star Wars in particular grew as she got older, and also married lifelong fan, Michael. Now her fandom encompasses fashion in Star Wars as well, and she enjoys this new outlet of writing for Fangirl Nextdoor to express that. Her kryptonite is Loungefly bags and Her Universe dresses.

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