LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 1

It is the beginning of December and it is advent calendar time! I have not done an advent calendar since 2011 and even then I am not sure I made it all the way through. This year however I got so excited about the Star Wars advent calendar from LEGO. I am not sure why this year I got the itch to do one but I did. I have been doing a lot more with YouTube on a separate planner channel from the one I have for Fangirl Next Door and I am thrilled to say I am now working on this channel.

I am also sharing this journey through the advent calendar with Fantha Tracks. If you have not heard of Fantha Tracks they are an all new Star Wars fan site created by Mark Newbold. I have joined his team as the animation contributor but I am starting my tenure working for the site with this advent calendar. Feel free to check in here to see each day of the advent calendar and the links to the daily videos. You can also check the Fantha Tracks website for the posts on the calendar.

Let’s get started with Day 1- December 1st,2017

Watch the video below and if you like it will you please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Continue down below the video for some images of Day 1 and a brief review of the build.

The below images are the basic steps of the build. First you open the door then you pull out the poly bag with the bricks. The door has the build instructions for the mini build. Today’s build ended up being a miniature replica of The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels.

Overall this build was very simple and easy to do which is great with these advent calendars. If you have done LEGO sets prior to this one then this should be relatively easy if you are not a LEGO expert then the instructions may seem a little bit complicated. They are not step by step like you would get in a LEGO booklet. However, the more you do of these the easier it will get. If you are doing these with a younger child then you will probably want to do the builds with them especially if they have not done lots of LEGO sets.

This build was a great cute one and I was so excited that my first build for this calendar was related to Star Wars Rebels. I am going to miss that show big time when it ends. I now have 3 sizes of the Ghost ship and if you like Star Wars Rebels then you should go get this calendar. The ghost is my favorite ship in the Star Wars universe and I could not stop smiling as I built this.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2

*For each model I will be giving it a rating of 1-5 on the quality of the build.*

Model Rating: 5/5

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