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Hey Fangirls and Fanboys! My name is Teresa and I was born and raised in Austin, Tx but have since made the move to Florida. I will always be that proud Texas girl Hook ‘Em Horns. Ever since I can remember I have been watching Star Wars, listening to Star Wars music and playing with Star Wars toys. I credit my mom with giving me the gift of Star Wars. I was born after Return of the Jedi came out but that is the first movie I truly remember seeing. Thank you Chicken Pox!

The biggest thing about me is that no one in my life has ever tried to stifle my fandom. If my friends tried to or people judged me I moved on and found some other people to be around. My family has always been supportive and while they may tease me, my fandom has still grown and they have never judged. I am a strong woman and I live in that confidence. I am one of those people you will catch running around at a convention in Her Universe taking pictures of the awesome cosplay and trying to interview everyone.

I have always been a very big reader and I prefer to live in the world of fantasy and science fiction. I am really enjoying bringing my readers along with me as I read and producing short audio book reviews for those that want to listen. I also love bringing everyone in to my world of fandom and hopefully reminding them that it is ok to be a fan and to be proud of it. I consider fangirls and fanboys to be anyone that has a passion about something. So I hope through this site everyone learns to embrace their inner fan.

May the force be with you always,


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Hi. My name’s Kenny. I’m a 24 year old nerd with a hat problem who currently resides in Bozeman, MT.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Batman. I grew up watching reruns of the 1960’s live action Batman show starring Adam West and Burt Ward and Batman: The Animated Series on WB back when it was still a channel. Before the dark times. Before the CW. Now I’m not only a fan of Batman, but comics in general. I actively follow DC Comics, read a decent amount of Marvel books, and am always down for a good creator owned story from Vertigo, Image, Icon, or any other number of independent comic publishers and creators.

I fell in love with Star Wars at the age of eight when my family rented the special editions of the original trilogy on VHS. Ever since, I’ve been a fan of Star Wars and I’ve been able to feed my fandom ever since with the release of the prequels (which I love in spite of their flaws), the Star Wars Extended Universe found in various novels and comic books, and The Clone Wars. With the recent Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, I’m even more excited for what the future of Star Wars holds.

When I’m not talking about comics or Star Wars with my friends, I’m either pontificating on video games as art, writing goofy songs on the ukulele, marathoning some show on Netflix (currently Parks and Recreation), or ruminating on whether telekinesis, super speed, or teleportation would be my ideal superpower. Probably telekinesis. Then I wouldn’t have to get off of the couch to put a different disk into my XBox.

So hey, thanks for visiting Fangirl Next Door. I hope you enjoy reading what this fanboy has to say.




Greetings, programs! My name is Johnamarie Macias. I’m in my late twenties, dreading the thirties. I studied archaeology in college and pursued a career in library sciences. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City, I grew up being a fangirl of many things, watching all sorts of television programs and movies: Star Wars, MacGyver, M*A*S*H, Ducktales, Tale Spin, and The Little Mermaid, just to name a few. I kept to myself most of my life, defaulted to the nerdy one in most situations. Nevertheless, I enjoy being a proud fangirl and interacting with other fans in the various fandoms that exist nowadays.

What really made me embrace my fangirl side of things was Stargate SG-1, a sci-fi television series based on the 1994 feature film, Stargate. That show introduced me to the world of fan fiction, video editing, website building–all the tools necessary to express one’s fandom in an online space. From there, my interests shifted to Marvel comics. My favorite characters are Bobbi Morse, Clint Barton, and the Vision. I love comic books, and I especially love when old comic books are transformed into wearable art.

Another big influence in my life is Star Wars. My favorite Star Wars film comes as a shocker to most fans: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I’m a very dedicated clone trooper fangirl, and even though I’ve always been a fan of the galaxy set far, far away, Star Wars: The Clone Wars made me the Star Wars fangirl I am today. It propelled me to start my own blog, search for others with a similar level of interest, and contribute to the growing fan community. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, both the feature film and the series, literally changed my life in the best way possible. I was sad to see it go, but I look forward to the new adventures the creative crew at Lucasfilm have in store for us.

You can find me as a content contributor for The Star Wars Report. To hear my fangirl talk and non-stop laughter, check out “Rebels Chat” and “Hangin’ With Team Kanan”. My main site and corner of the Web is The Wookiee Gunner, and if you find yourself in the mood to chat and fangirl, I’m also @BlueJaigEyes on Twitter.




I did not grow up watching Star Wars, in fact it was the Special Editions that swept me up into the galaxy far far away. In 1997 I saw Star Wars for the very first time and I have been hooked ever since.  I went and saw the special editions because I had heard that there were 3 new movies coming, and this was my chance to learn about Star Wars. It did not take much, after seeing the special editions that I wanted to learn more and went to my local library to get a list of all the Star Wars books. My first Star Wars novel was The Courtship of Princess Leia, from there I traveled back to Truce at Bakura and started reading the books in order.  So while the world we see in the films brought me into Star Wars it really was the then Expanded Universe that would capture my imagination and turn me into a lifelong fan. While I was making my way through the novels I also found myself interested in the world of Star Wars comics. I began reading the Dark Times series and then continued into the Tales of the Jedi. Just like many other fans when the Prequels came out I went to each one at midnight and got to share in the excitement of the new Star Wars films with many other adoring fans.

I am now involved in the Star Wars fan community using my skills as a writer and a podcaster to blog for the Star Wars Report as well as Jedi News. I began podcasting by being a guest on shows like the Star Wars Report, We Talk Clones and Tosche Station. Now I co-hosts Star Wars Bookworms, a Star Wars literature podcast and host a podcast all about Dr. Who called Bad Wolf Radio. I have had the privilege to write for the official Star Wars Blog doing coverage from different conventions such as Celebration 6, New York Comic Con and Dragon Con.

My Star Wars heart lies in the Expanded Universe or Legends and my favorite character is Quinlan Vos. I am a fan of Return of the Jedi the most from the Original Trilogy and love a good Jedi. Luke Skywalker and prequel Obi Wan Kenobi  are my favorites to watch from the films while Ahsoka, Rex and the Clones are my favorite part of The Clone Wars. You can find me at conventions on the East Coast of the United States especially at panels about Star Wars books, so keep a weather eye on the horizon.

You can find me on twitter @avgoins and also tweeting from the accounts for my podcasts @swbookworms and @badwolfpodcast



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Hello, sentients! I’m Catrina. I’m a community manager by day and a pop culture reporter by night, with just enough fangirl flair (ha, I hope) to get me through the week. Star Wars is a generational thing in my family: Abuelo saw it with Dad, and Dad saw it with me. In a sense, it was absolutely my first fandom, and my own creative endeavors continue to be influenced by the storytelling today.

I’ve worked with some incredible folks over the years, as part of the teams at Geek & Sundry and Moviepilot.com, as a freelancer for magazines such as Birth.Movies.Death, as the host of Parachute TV’s Force Fangirl (every Thursday at 7PM PST on Parachute TV), and as the co-host of Woman Up! Podcast (1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 8PM PST). I personally tend to a little part of the galaxy known as Mos Eisley Underground, where podcasts such as Comics in the Cantina, Hangin’ With Team Kanan, and Collecting Mos Eisley.

Fandom is a huge, influential part of my life, and I doubt that I’d be where I am right now if it weren’t for the passion that comes with being a fan. I have gained incredible mentors through books and the people that write them, so that’s part of what I’d like to do in life.

In the meantime, I’m your trusty New York reporter trapped in LA, bringing you everything from press reports to character-driven essays that focus on my favorite pop culture icons.

You can find me on twitterfacebook, and instagram. Check out my YouTube channels] for weekly vlogs and fun updates!

#MTFBWY and all that.


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  1. You guys need a staff artist. I humbly offer my services. I’m Don Edwards and for the past 6 years I have specialized as a FULL PRODUCTION DIGITAL ARTIST encompassing comic book art (pencils, inks, letters, colors, and layouts), character concept art, kid’s books, multi-media cover design (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.), movie poster design, logos, photo manipulation, and web-based graphics. I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and Manga Studio 5.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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